The glass is a material that, thanks to its characteristics is used in many sectors: it can be used whether in industrial productions or in artisanal and artistic productions. The glass, moreover, is used in very sophisticated technologies.

The properties of glass are:




-Resistance of weathering


-Chemical inertness


-Bad conductor

-Impregnability of acids

Different type of glass

-Glass colored for realization of artistic walls and objects for the house.

-Glass printed for realization of door, boxes and interior decoration.

-Glass etched for realization of windows, shutters of door and shelves.

-Glass laced for realization of constructions buildings

-Glass with fabric for realization of decorations buildings.

-Glass mirror for realization of kitchen, floors and external facade of a house.

Raw materials

The glass is a substance solid amorphous that obtained for fusion at high temperature. The mainly raw material “vitrification” is the sand that contained the silica.

The principal characteristics are




-Wreck of glass.

Glass like container

The glass is a material that acts from insulator thermic. It can be used for contain foods and drinks (because it is also waterproof!) thanks to these characteristics the glass is very used like container.

Glass and environnement

The plastic is convenient and we often used, but we should revalue the use because it contain harmful substances. The glass isn't harmful for us or for environment instead. The glass can be reused more times!